Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to Brion

Because it is my husband's 34th birthday today, I just wanted to say a few things I like about him. I think we are blessed to have Brion. He lets me be imperfect. He dances with our kids to rock-n-roll. He appreciates art - all kinds of art, and he'll go with me to artsy-kind of things. He's dependable. He has a good work ethic...too good at times! He gets more handsome as he gets older. He lets me be a baby sometimes. He's not a picky eater. I often hear, "This is the best meal you've ever cooked!" He has always taken the kids to cool places - they don't care where they go, as long as he's going! He's an awesome artist. He's an awesome builder. Even after he's asleep and I want to talk or I start laughing in bed for no reason, he doesn't get mad. He has a heart for the downtrodden. He gives cheerfully. Even though he has a lot of stuff, he'd give it to anyone in need. He encouraged me through school and sacrificed his time to help me do it. He let me stay home with the kids and we COULD NOT afford it!! He moved back to Amarillo because he thought I wanted to, and he LOVES Austin! He appreciates the little things I do for him and the kids. He likes me! He's gotten in the bath with the kids with all of his clothes on before! He looks at our kids a lot of times with a look that says what I'm feeling for them in my heart. He doesn't want a lot. He's let God heal him a lot. HE IRONS!!!! When I'm behind, he doesn't usually act like I've failed! He tolerates many animals simply because he loves me! He tries to be a better man because of us. He sticks with me when I AM a baby! He trusts my intuition and my discernment. We have an understanding of how to deal with and laugh about things that are outside of US! We grew up together! He was the best 'post baby' daddy there is - changed every diaper, didn't gross out, and got me anything I wanted to drink! He is his own person, and he's not overly concerned with what others think about that. He doesn't hold me to any standard that he thinks is what I should be like - He really likes me just the way I am!

There's a lot more, but I'm going to go spend some time with the Birthday Boy!!!

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maramsey said...

Happy Birthday to Brion!!! We are blessed to know you-hope it was a wonderful day...