Saturday, August 23, 2008


Since I'm trying to use this to remember cute things, and now Brion and Camryn are always reminding me that " need to put that on your blog," I wanted to put some cute Brysonisms in here.

My best friend, Jennifer was here from Dallas a few weeks ago. Her nephews were also in town, and the kids were playing hide-n-go seek at Jen's mom's house while we visited. I just happened to look out the door to see Bryson skid on his knees across the patio. He gave me one of those looks like, "I'd sure cry right now if it was just me and you, Mom!" But of course, with the bigger boys and Cam there playing, he told them that he didn't need Mom! They came in for some band-aids, and when Jen and I went to check it it was quite a little boo-boo. A few days later, of course both knees were really sore, and his knee caps were red. The scabs began to get that white look, and he was afraid that was pus. (He knows all of those gross, but descriptive scientific words from JoDee!!) This led to a discussion of blood and red blood cells and white blood cells, and what they do in our bodies. He got most of it, and I loved it when we were up at the school last week and he's saying to the bigger boys, trying to impress them, "Hey Ben and Josh, want to see my white blood scales?"
Yes, folks, you're seeing my 5year-old in an Ozzy t-shirt! Guess who is responsible for this photo!?!? Someone gave Brion this t-shirt, and of course, we had to put the o-z-z-y on the knuckles and take some photos! I won't tell you what the back of the shirt says, but needless to say, Brion got a picture of that, too!